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By Inhel Rekik & John Rasmussen May and June 2017 brought additional focus to the security of biomedical devices with the arrival of the WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya ransomware. These malware packages targeted vulnerabilities in the Microsoft operating system including Windows XP, 7 and 8.
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In 1982, a scientific paper - 'Simulating Physics with Computers' written by the f...
The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing serious security concerns for enterprises worldwide with few companies capable of securing them as they are unable to identify devices properly, according to new research. On Wednesday, ForeScout Technologies revealed the results of a new survey into the challenges IoT poses for the enterprise.

Yann LeCun - How does the brain learn so much so quickly? (CCN 2017)

Presented at Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN) 2017 ( held September 6-8, 2017.